TC Chocolate is becoming Sted! | New name, new look, same bean-to-bar chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about TC Chocolate. Well, almost everything.

The dimples in each little square of TC chocolate is the perfect place to put the tip of your tongue as you take one square, flip it over and let it dissolve slowly. The taste buds in our mouth are arranged so you can taste wine or chocolate like listening to a fine piece of music…as the chocolate oils warm and give up their various tastes of place of origin, they begin to flow from the tip of your tongue back over the edges to different taste buds and then down into the sides of mouth and upper throat. Letting your mouth celebrate the extra milling that makes TC Chocolate extremely smooth, as well as allowing yourself to take the time to truly let your mouth love on this chocolate bar is a gift you can give yourself daily!

You can find our chocolate at: Fabled Farmer, Falls Baking, Meadow Farm, Outstate Brewery, Service Food, Sugar High, The Flower Mill, The Market, Victor Lundeen Company

You can find our chocolate at: Grateful Cratefulls, Minn Dak Market, Mint + Basil, More Than Words, Pinch & Pour, Prairie Petals, Swanson Health, Tochi Foods, Twenty Below Coffee

You can find our chocolate at: Fresh Thyme, Hy-Vee, and Kowalski's stores as well as numerous boutique shops around the city. Please reach out to for a current list of where to find us in your neighborhood.

Yes! All our chocolate bars are USDA Certified Organic.

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